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I normally use Gain detergent, I love how it smells and it gets my clothing clean. My workout clothing, it seems, was immune to the loveliness that makes Gain so great. I needed something different.

After reading about this issue in one of the runner groups I’m in, I learned of Tide Sport. It was praised by many so I decided to give it a try. I threw in the Borax as a booster (I figure every little bit will help)! I’m sold! This stuff is great!  The combination of Tide Sport and Borax gets all of the sweatiness out my workout clothing.

Have you used Tide Sport? 

Chicken Taco Tuesday


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Yesterday I made chicken tacos in the crockpot. It was SO simple and SO good. A friend told me how she did it and I did the same. Three boneless chicken breasts, taco seasoning, and salsa all in the crockpot. I put it on for 6 hours since I knew I was going to be gone for at least 4 hours (she did hers for 2 hours). I figured, cooking it slower wouldn’t matter.

Let me tell you, when I walked into this house later that afternoon it smelled divine! I was ready to eat right then, but I had to wait. In the mean time I washed the lettuce and cut up some avocado. When the time timer went off I removed the chicken to a dish and it shredded so easily. While it cooled, just a bit. I heated up soft tortillas in a skillet.

So. Very. Good! I’ve made tacos, but they were always the beef tacos. I’m not sure if i’ll ever make beef tacos at home again. This was so easy and flavorful!

Have you ever made chicken tacos via the crockpot? 

28 days of Crossfit


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I decided to add Crossfit to my fitness routine this past June. I did what is called foundations in June then started officially doing the workouts in July. I’ve kept a journal of my workouts so I can track my progress over time.

So far, so good. I’m enjoying the challenge, and truly is a challenge at times. When I first started I’d go look at the calendar each day I was scheduled to attend to preview the workout. In many instances, I had no clue of what the exercise actually was so I would google it. 👀  Bad decision! I’d look at that video and immediately think there’s no way I can do that! Perfect example, the pistols and inverted burpee. I can barely do a regular burpee! Thankfully, the coach always has scaling options! Otherwise, I wouldn’t get half the workout done, it seems.

There’s one thing I’ve found that doesn’t agree with me – single unders (commonly known as jumping rope). I never was good at jumping rope, but I was finally getting the hang of it at crossfit once I used a heavier rope. I was feeling pretty good about myself with the single unders. With the use of a heavier rope, I could get a good rhythm going. I began to not fear when I saw them on the schedule. Over time, however, I noticed that my knee would ache after certain workouts. It wasn’t after every workout though.

Thanks to keeping the journal, I finally noticed the trend. It was always the night of or the day after we did single unders. Hmmmmm…. So the next time they were on the schedule I didn’t do them, I did wall ball shots instead. The next day, no pain. It had to be the single unders. I’ve not done them at all since mid-August and I’ve experienced no more pain in my knee.

It seems kinds of counter-intuitive though, I can run without pain, but not jump rope. I realized two things, 1) the shoes I wear at crossfit have no cushion whereas my running shoes do and 2) it is constant up/down motion mostly on your toes, which is not the case with running. So I don’t have the give with running shoes nor the motion of going heel to toe. So that constant, quick pounding was too much on my knee. Well, that ends that. No single unders. I’m going to be the best at wall ball shots though! During one workout I did 190 wall ball shots. My quadriceps were extremely sore the next day!

Overall, I’m enjoying the journey. There are some days that I don’t want to go (I have an aversion to exercising after work) but I’ve been going. There’s still a lot to learn and the terminology is still foreign to me, but I’m learning.

I’ve seen an improvement in my endurance and effort when it comes to running, which is what I want to happen. My work in progress continues…

Standing Desk


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I first saw a standing desk 2-3 years ago. Since then, I’ve been coveting one but I never could really justify getting one. A few weeks ago I was working realized I’d feel much better if I were standing. I looked up the standing desk system I’d been following and realized the price had gone down. I also realized I was in a better position to get the standing desk as I have a fund dedicated to all things making me feel better with regards to health. So I got it.

I got the Varidesk Pro Plus 48. Varidesk has an app reminds to stand and sit throughout the day. At then end of the day it also tells me how long stood and sat that day. If you enter your weight it will also tell you the calories you burned (personally, that’s not an interest of mine). I’m more interested in being productive while standing. I’m sure this will also help my weak core because when I stand I tend to have better posture than when I’m sitting.

Finally, the office is jealous of my desk. Many have inquired about it. Here’s to hoping the powers that be see how useful this could be for all and actually purchases them.

Weak Core


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Over the past few days my running has been off. Something hasn’t been feeling right. I realized it was my form. I was running hunched over. I haven’t always run like that, but lately I have and that’s not good. This hunched over running means my lower back is hurting later in the day after the run. That shouldn’t happen after a short 3-4 mile run. Therefore, I need to get back to basics. I need to do some exercises to strengthen my core daily. Here’s my plan (starting this evening):

  • 30 second plank*
  • 30 crunches
  • 15 bridges
  • 30 second plank*
  • 10 bird dog
  • 30 second plank*

My plan is to do that routine daily.

* I will increase the time on my plank by 5 seconds each week. I’m sure I”ll increase the other exercises over time, but I really want to build my stamina on the plank. I’ve successfully, in the past, built up to a 2 minute plank hold over time by being consistent. When I was focused on building up that time on the plank hold, my running form was awesome. Back to basics.

On the horizon 


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I’m diligently training for my goal of completing a 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours 30 minutes. Based on my training, thus far, I’m on track to reach my goal at the Louisiana 1/2 marathon. I have two opportunities prior to then to reach my goal, but doing so then would just be a plus! I probably have more of a chance to do so at the Gulf-coast 1/2 as I know it is pretty flat versus Route 66, but we’ll see. One never really knows.  
I do know I need to incorporate more speed work over the next few weeks. I’m planning on doing so! Crossfit has definitely been a positive addition to my arsenal. I’ll talk more about that in another post. All in all, I’m happy with my progress and I’m looking forced to my upcoming races. 





Soooooooo…..I still exist. I just haven’t been in this space. Between family, work, travel, and all sorts of other things this space went by the wayside. I hope to get back to dumping my thoughts in this space regularly though. 

I have been taking images on the regular at various events so I’ll share some of those as well. I’ll leave y’all with this one from an event this past weekend.  I love how they were posing for the selfie. 



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