2015 Mileage to Date


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I love that stats that are provided on the Garmin Connect website. I’ve been logging my walking and running on that site since 2012. It allows me to really see my ups, downs, and how far I’ve progressed.

After my run this past Saturday I looked at my total mileage for November as compared to October. Then I looked at September and August. I realized that each of those 3 months I had logged 80 miles. I hadn’t planned on doing so, but I did. I then felt compelled to get 80 miles for November! That left me with 2 days to reach that mileage, and reach it I did. I logged 5.3 miles yesterday and 3.0 miles this morning to put me over the threshold every so slightly!

This morning I looked at my mileage year-to-date as compared to 2014 and I really ramped up the mileage this year.

584 miles in all of 2014, 31 more days in this year and I’m at 716 miles. I also realize I didn’t log any miles in March 2014 (I needed a break to heal). Now, I like round numbers (to an extent), so I’m thinking I need 84 miles so I can get to that 800 mile mark for the year. That means I need to log just shy of 3 miles a day. Of course, some of those days I’ll get way more than due to training so I think this doable. I must stay focused!

Turkey Trot 5K


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I started my Thanksgiving Day with a 5K in downtown Baton Rouge. I participate in this event every year that I’m home for Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to start the day as many calories are burned prior to eating! :) For this race my goal was to run hard. I wanted to see if I could maintain an under 12 min/mile pace for 3 miles and I did! Woot! I was actually faster than that and maintained an overall under 11 min/mile pace. Of course, this was a flat course so that makes a difference. No matter. I’m proud of my success! My hard work is paying off.

Photo Nov 26, 10 41 17 AM

I also ran into some friends!

Photo Nov 26, 10 51 39 AM

Race Recap: Route 66 Half-marathon


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Photo Nov 21, 2 29 17 PMAfter the 5K Saturday, we chilled in the room for a little while to warm-up! I had a lot of sorority sisters at this race so we decided to do an impromptu meet-up. We went to the Rusty Crane. It was a neat place with exposed brick and old school decor. I had an appetizer as I wasn’t that hungry and my go to food prior to a race is pizza inspired. My goal was go eat at Andolini’s Pizzeria.

So we left there and went Photo Nov 21, 6 38 25 PMstraight to Andolini’s. We decided to get our order to go since we were pretty tired and wanted to turn in early. We could eat in the room. I ordered a stromboli and my roommate got a calzone. The smallest pizza was too big for one person. It turns out what we ordered was also a lot! Really, we could have shared one of those, but no harm, no foul as we had a fridge and microwave in the room. We just put what we didn’t eat away from after the race.

We got up at 6 am the next morning and there was no wind. Hooray! The temperature, however was in the upper 20s. I decided to wear a base layer and a long sleeve shirt. I also wear some leggings along with my sparkle skirt. I didn’t wear a pull-over since I knew the temperature was going to rise and it was going to be a sunny day. I did take my gloves, hand warmers, ear protectors, and sunglasses.

We headed down for light breakfast before heading to the race start. The start for the half-marathon was closer so it was a quick walk. We made our way to gear-check and to the corrals in no time. Due to the corrals being between buildings it was cold at that point. I decided to open my hand warmers then so I wouldn’t have to worry with that on the route.

The first corral took off and we moved up. I was in the 3rd corral so I didn’t cross the start until 8:17. By that point we were in the sun. Yay! It was really crowded so I decided to run that first mile hoping the crowd would thin, but it didn’t by the time we got to the 1 mile mark. I started my walk/run at that point anyhow.

This course was very up and down with inclines, so more times than not I found myself walking the incline ans running the decline especially if it was a pretty long incline as was the case in many instances it seemed the first half of the race. Miles 6-9 was pretty flat so I decided to run those, really at that point I could have stopped my interval timer because  was going with the flow. I had no idea as to where I was with my pacing or overall time because I wasn’t looking at my watch. I decided I wasn’t going to peak until I got to mile 10.

I looked then and my time was 2:08. Well, I blew my goal of a sub 2:30 half as I still had 3 miles to go. I knew going into this event, though, a sub 2:30 half was going to be challenging due to the elevation of the course. No biggie. Mile 10, it turns out was my slowest mile.

The course went through several neighborhoods, a posh-looking high school campus, and ran along the Arkansas River. We finally made a run which took us unto the historic Route 66! Overall, the course support was awesome. Families were out along the route along with bands and DJs at various points. The water/gatorade stations were well staffed and stocked.

After passing under the Route 66 sign there was a mile long incline back into downtown Tulsa. That was really cruel to our legs! We had a run with one final downhill/uphill combination prior to making it to the finish line. I made it on in with at time of 2:50. That’s a bit far off from where I want to be, but considering the elevation, it wasn’t a bad time.

It was a great race and I had fun!

Photo Nov 23, 12 55 18 PM

Photo Nov 22, 1 10 20 PM


Race Recap: Route 66 5K


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This past weekend I traveled to Tulsa, OK to participate in the 10th Anniversary of the Williams Route 66 Marathon weekend. As apart of the weekend there was a 5K, a fun run, and a mascot run Saturday morning. On Sunday there was the half-marathon and full marathon.

Photo Nov 20, 4 17 04 PM We arrived Friday afternoon as we were doing the 5K and the half-marathon, the double! The weather was simply awesome when we arrived, it was sunny and windy. Our hotel, the Best Western Plus, was right across the street from the Cox Convention Center. We made our way over there for packet pick-up which was easy-breezy! We walked the expo and ran into several running friends from various Fb groups and met new people as well. I must say the running community is welcoming!

That evening we walked over to Fat Guy Burger for an early dinner and it Photo Nov 20, 4 42 32 PMwas simply delicious! It was in the historic Greenwood section of downtown Tulsa which was also known as Black Wall Street during the early 20th century. A huge race riot and fire torched that area of the city and the black community never recovered. It has undergone re-development over the years.

I think I mentioned it was windy when we arrived. I can’t accurately describe to you how windy it was, but know that it was beyond anything I’d ever experienced. I checked the weather app prior to bed and rain was predicted overnight, but not in the morning for the race. The wind, however, was going to be high. I heard the rain and wind during the night. When we awakened the next morning the rain was gone, but the wind! 😱 From the window the trees were just whipping in the wind!

We headed downstairs for a bite to eat before heading to the race start. We met a guy who, to us, was severely under-dressed for the wind! But he stated he would be fine once he started running. Tuh! We finally decided to head out and OMG! That wind was SO disrespectful. It was 18 mph! The temperature was 37 degrees, but due to the high wind it felt in the lower 20s. We’d turn a corner and almost be blown over. I’ve never experienced wind like that. Upon arriving at the starting area we had about 20 minutes to wait so we joined some other people in an alley way, between garbage dumpsters to block the wind. We stayed there until about 3 minutes prior to the race start.

My original plan was to take it easy and walk most of the 5K, but that went out the window due to the windy, cold weather. I started my Garmin and didn’t check my time at all the entire race. I just kept it moving as much as possible. Upon finishing I realized I had negative splits and maintained a pace of 11:39. Pretty impressive considering the wind and rolling hills. I think I was just ready to be done!

Photo Nov 23, 12 55 08 PM (1)

We didn’t take a before or after pic at the race due to the weather, but we did get a nice group shot at the expo that afternoon.

Photo Nov 21, 10 49 53 AM

Photo Nov 21, 10 24 43 AM

Tomorrow, the half-marathon recap!

Up next – Route 66 Half


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Tomorrow I’m travelling to Tulsa, OK for the 10th anniversary weekend of the Route 66 Marathon weekend. I’m signed up to the 5K Saturday and the 1/2 marathon Sunday. Will I reach my goal of a sub-2:30 half? Not sure, but I will give it a try. My concern is the course elevation. We’re very flat here and there are a few rolling hills throughout the course.

There are pace groups so I may start with the 2:30 pace group to see how I feel. There’s a meeting of pace groups at the expo, but I won’t be there in time to meet so I’ll have to play it by ear or perhaps talk to the pace Sunday morning to see their race strategy.

This will be my first visit to OK so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been tweeting with others participating in the event and it seems to be a well put-on event. I’ll have a recap next week! 10983125_10153121586845152_2006339384173388757_n

Race Recap: Middendorf’s Manchac 10 Miler


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Photo Nov 14, 6 54 13 AMThis past Saturday I participated in a 10 mile race about an hour SE of Baton Rouge.

The draw to this race is the major sponsor, Middendorf’s Restaurant. Middendorf’s is located off of Bayou Manchac and they are known for their thin-fried catfish. You actually have to want to go this restaurant as it is off the beaten path. Let me say, the fish is worth it (if you like fried fish). The race, however, leaves a little to be desired. It is an out and back route with the bayou on both sides along with the elevated interstate on one side as well.

It was a quick drive and we arrived about 6:40 that morning. It was cool, brisk, and windy. The registration area was set-up so we quickly retrieved our bib and race shirt. We high-tailed it back to the car to get out of the cool air as the race didn’t start until 8 am. We chilled in the car as more and more people arrived. We finally emerged to take some pictures and use the facilities. They promptly started at 8:00 am.

This race consisted of 608 people doing 3 distances, 5K, 10k, and 10 miler. The race started on a road at the base of an overpass, I mean you immediately started going up the over pass about 20 yards after crossing the starting line.

Photo Nov 14, 6 55 21 AM

This is the overpass view from the dock at the restaurant. It was tough on the way back!

I took the bridge easy by running it as if I was on my regular training run. Each Tuesday I run an overpass so I took it like that and I continued to run for the first mile. I finished that mile in 11:10. Whoa! Impressive. I actually didn’t look at my watch to see that time I learned that when I was done. Once I got to the 1 mile point, I decided to start my run/walk interval of 60 second run/30 second walk. About a 1/2 mile later there was a water station so I grabbed a cup, walked while I drank and got back to my interval.

As stated it was pretty cool and windy at the start so I had on a pull-over and gloves. I quickly lost the gloves once we came off the overpass. Just shy of 2 miles I pulled off the pull-over. My bib was on the pullover so it took me a few run/walk cycles to get the bib pinned on my shirt, but I was impressed with being able to do so and stick to the interval.

I kept up with my interval and I’d get some water at each water station. I checked my time when I got to mile 4 and I was doing good. My goal for this race was to come in under 2 hours. I was on pace to do so as I made it to 5 miles in 56 minutes. But, here comes mile 6 and, it seems, the wheels fell off.

As stated earlier, this was an out and back route and BORING! Five miles out with nothing to see ahead of you and waterways/greenery on your left and right. The only thing to see, at points, were the upcoming water stations and runners in front of you. Sigh. It was quite defeating, at times.

I completed mile 6 in 12:13, a bit off my pace. Would I make my goal? Would going over the overpass during mile 9 slow me down? I needed to make a change if I was going to reach my goal. Fortunately, there was another lady close to me doing intervals as well. I learned she was doing 90 second run/30 second walk so we kept passing each other. She was really consistent so I decided to pace with her. She was about 15 yards ahead of me, but when she ran I ran, when she walked I walked. I turned off my timer and merely followed her lead. Eventually, I would catch up to her and I told her she was my rabbit. I needed her to keep me going.

When we get to water station I would get some water, but she would keep going (she had her own hydration). Although I would walk to drink the water, I would always catch back up to her. All in all, I can tell my training is working. I looked at my watch a few times and I was running less than 11:30 per mile. Good deal!

We finally made it to the 8 mile point and I was at 1:31. Two miles left and I had 30 minutes. My goal was within reach! Mile 9 done by 1:43. Can I take the overpass in 17 minutes after running for 9 miles. Surely, I can do so right? I decided to run the overpass like my training run, but I quickly realize this is futile. The wind! Oh the wind is high and we are running directly into it. Yes, we had been running into from the turnaround point, but it didn’t bother me much until I started going uphill on the overpass. I felt like it was taking forever to get to the crest. Must. Push. Harder. I started my mantra of “push. push. push.” Yes, I say that out loud when needed and it was needed. Finally, the crest. I could see the finish on the downhill slope. I ran down and crossed the finish at 1:55:06. Made it! Photo Nov 14, 12 51 48 PM

Look at my splits! I was really happy with my effort and the knowledge that my average pace for the entire race was 11:28. That’s where I need to be to reach my goal of a 1/2 under 2:30. So I’m making progress! All of my efforts are paying off.

Would I do this race again? I can’t say that I would. It was so not interesting. If I were to do so, I’d probably do the 5K or the 10K. That 10-miler was too much. There is potential though. Since this is an out & back route the race directors could have bands, dancers, or cheerleaders along the route. That would definitely help with the boredom. The post-race food was excellent though! So that’s a good thing.

Photo Nov 14, 12 07 13 PM


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