14 Days


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Two weeks from today is my goal race. I hope to complete the Louisiana Half-marathon in 2 hours 30 minutes or less. Over the past 7 months I’ve been training to do so, challenging myself with speed work, losing some pounds, and adding crossfit to the mix. I’ve successfully decreased my run pace to under 12 minutes when I run with others or I’m really focused on speed. But this will be the test! Can I do it for 13.1 miles? Only time will tell! 

I’ll also had a 5th half-marathon medal to this collection as I’ve participated in this event each year of its existence (one of those is a 5K medal).  

Color Your World


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I’m going to do my best to participate in the Color Your World challenge that’s taking place now. 120 colors are posted and the request is to post a photo-a-day corresponding to that color. I’m sure I won’t post daily, but I aim to get all 120 colors so I may post more than one a day. I’m going to use my archives and new images for this challenge. Let’s geaux!

Daily quote 



There was some upheaval in my building a few months back where people were switching work locations. Whenever that happens things are discarded. One item in the discard pile was a whiteboard sign. I snagged it thinking that could be useful. After a few days I decided to post a daily quote on it as the mood around here was pretty dismal. 

I was generally the first person in the office so I would write the quote each morning. No one knew who was doing it for a good while. I’d hear people stating how nice it was, how it made their day, or it changed their outlook. 

One day someone caught me writing the quote and word spread that I was doing it. Since then I’ve had random people, that I don’t know personally, tell me they appreciate the quotes. The quotes are quite random in topic ranging from happiness, peace, leadership, success, being thankful, etc. I don’t get preachy, religious or political. Just a light-hearted statement that someone may need. Apparently, a lot of people need it.

I never thought my initial, small anonymous task would have such an impact. Here’s today’s quote:   

Common Courtesy


Does this not exist anymore? I’m talking about simple tasks such as holding the door for someone, offering to pick up a dropped item, or just a simple hello or nod of the head in the morning.

Yesterday I was sitting in a hospital lobby as my Mom was having a procedure done. A man entered with a cooler in one hand, box under his harm, and another a package in that hand. He walked past me, turned down one of the aisles heading toward a door. When he was about 5 steps in front of the door he was heading toward a lady exited out of another door that was close by (basically they were cater-corner to one another). She looked directly at that man crossed in front of him and kept moving. He got to the door and struggled to open it. Now, mind you, there were 3 people sitting in chairs close by. Really? Not one person stepped up to assist. What happened to common courtesy right there?

This has happened to me when I’m assisting my Mom when she’s in her wheelchair. People will be right in front of you or next to you as you’re walking up, can’t help but to see you (if they have peripheral vision), yet they won’t offer to hold the door. I don’t get it. When I see someone that may be a distance away, I’ll wait to hold the door. I’ve even offered to put someone’s groceries in the car that appeared to be struggling. Sometimes the person doesn’t take the offer, but at least I offered.

Do you find common courtesy has gone by the wayside lately? 

2015 Mileage to Date


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I love that stats that are provided on the Garmin Connect website. I’ve been logging my walking and running on that site since 2012. It allows me to really see my ups, downs, and how far I’ve progressed.

After my run this past Saturday I looked at my total mileage for November as compared to October. Then I looked at September and August. I realized that each of those 3 months I had logged 80 miles. I hadn’t planned on doing so, but I did. I then felt compelled to get 80 miles for November! That left me with 2 days to reach that mileage, and reach it I did. I logged 5.3 miles yesterday and 3.0 miles this morning to put me over the threshold every so slightly!

This morning I looked at my mileage year-to-date as compared to 2014 and I really ramped up the mileage this year.

584 miles in all of 2014, 31 more days in this year and I’m at 716 miles. I also realize I didn’t log any miles in March 2014 (I needed a break to heal). Now, I like round numbers (to an extent), so I’m thinking I need 84 miles so I can get to that 800 mile mark for the year. That means I need to log just shy of 3 miles a day. Of course, some of those days I’ll get way more than due to training so I think this doable. I must stay focused!


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